Symposium Themes

1. Instrumentation


Manuscripts submitted for this theme will present prototype instruments for hydro-environmental measurements.


2. Experimental methods


Manuscripts submitted for this theme will present innovative use of instruments, as well as methods and software for data acquisition and analysis. Contributions addressing measuring/monitoring capabilities and limitations versus data requirements for different modelling techniques will be welcome.


3. Applications and Case-studies


Manuscripts submitted for this theme will present how hydro-environmental measurement can be employed to analyze real situations, typically with a focus on present societal challenges (e.g., agriculture and food, water quality, energy from water, restoration, civil protection…).


special session on drones and a special issue of our Hydrolink magazine to coincide with HydroSenSoft 2019 are being planned.

If you are working with (or are interested in) drones (and in general ROVs) and would like to participate in these and other future activities we would be grateful if you could contact us! Please also let us know what you would like us to do and whether you would be interested in joining a working group on the topic. Please send an email to Maria Galanty (

International Symposium and Exhibition
on Hydro-Environment Sensors and Software

26 Feb - 1 Mar 2019, Madrid, Spain

SYMPOSIUM ORGANIZED UNDER THE AUSPICES OF the IAHR Committee on Experimental Methods and Instrumentation