Technical visits
1 March 2019, 9:15 meeting point IFEMA (next to the metro station IFEMA Feria de Madrid)
The bus will bring the participants back around 12:30 to IFEMA. 

The IMDEA-Water is one of the IMDEA institutes (acronym for Madrid Institute of Advanced Studies)

IMDEA Water is a research institute promoted by the Madrid Regional Government, engaged in excellent Research focused on contributing the innovative elements necessary in a strategic sector such as water. The research activity is related to:


• Urban and industrial wastewater treatment

• Reclaimed water reuse

• Microcontaminants

• Cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins

• Membrane technology

• Bioelectrogenesis

• Economical and institutional analysis

• Ecotoxicology

• Microbial contamination and antibiotic resistance

• Climate change

• Hydraulic heritage


The institute is equipped with high-level up-to-date specialized infrastructures for conducting the research activities. In detail:


Water Lab for the detection of organic micropollutants (gas and liquid chromatography coupled to mass espectrometry). Moreover, it is fitted with all the basic scientific equipment needed to carry out research into contaminant detection and monitoring of pollution processes necessary to work on different types of water (consumption, waste, surface, etc.) in an integrated manner.


Biology and microbiology Lab for analysis on surface and groundwater, with the aim to support monitoring programs of water quality and to monitor cyanobacteria blooms and their toxins in surface water for the developing of technological solutions for removal of cyanotoxins during water treatments



Geomatic Lab for the development and application of different tools for management support, including remote sensing, spatial databases or geodatabase construction and design, and geological and hydrological modelling.


Pilot plants, equipped with electrochemical techniques, microbial membrane technologies, namely membrane of micro-, nano- and ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis with a mesocosm and a land application system.


Soil Lab to process and analyse soil samples. Physical, physico-chemical, and chemical soil properties are determined for the complete analysis of the soils, with special attention to processes related with soil contamination and remediation.


During the visit the visitors will see the infrastructures and will learn about the research projects.

To know more about IMDEA Water Institute visit their page:



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International Symposium and Exhibition
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